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How to be Close to your Daughter - Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke


FREEScratch their backs. I do this with all of my kids, no one can resist it! If you want the kids to talk, or just be close to them, suggest they come sit by you so you can scratch their back, or play with their hair. It’s a way to physically be close, and say you … ... See Details

Snacks on the Go - Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke


FREEWhether you are shuttling kids around to local activities, or headed off on a summer adventure, it’s important to have a stash of snacks on the go, when you’ve got hungry children around ready to leap out of the car, and onto their next excursion. For the kids, we’ve got a secret, second glove compartment in my mini van, where the snacks ... ... See Details

4 Family Benefits of Outdoor Activities - Capturing Joy …


FREEPhysicality. The family that exercises together, stays together. We did not do exercise together as a family when I was growing up. It was fine, we did other things, but my husband is who taught me the importance of being physically fit, and I’ve been grateful for his example. ... See Details

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Free Printable - Capturing Joy with …


FREEJessika shares, “My kids are so little that they probably won’t completely understand the idea of a hunt but it’s fun to look at and things can be crossed off or colored on.” You can encourage your kids to cross things off as they find them and even offer incentives for the passenger who finds the most or spots them first. ... See Details

How to Photograph Rooms and Projects


FREEAbove: picture example of a dark room Without tripod; high ISO; grainy image. Settings without tripod: 35mm lens/ ISO 1250/ aperture 4.0/shutter speed 1/160. Below: Same room, on tripod with lower ISO and slower shutter speed to allow more light. I moved the shutter down to .6 shutter speed and place it on a tripod for more light. ... See Details

My Testimony of the Book of Mormon - Kristen Duke


FREEI can ship one to you myself. I will highlight my favorite scriptures as a starting off point. And I will include a picture of myself with the book that I love. It can also be delivered by one of our amazing missionaries. And they will be able to help you better understand what it is about. Just send me an email or message with your address! ... See Details

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